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Energy & Taxes

Economic Growth and Tax Fairness

Affordable and available energy benefits consumers and supports a wide range of jobs for everyday Americans. Given the reliance of the U.S. economy on energy, tax policy targeting one type of energy, especially increasing its overall tax burden, over another puts the government into the marketplace and creates negative impacts and other unintended effects.

The goal of any well-structured tax system should be to raise revenue in a way that does the least amount of economic harm, while encouraging domestic investment and job creation, and allowing taxpayers to compete internationally for new opportunities. To achieve these goals, tax rules should not discriminate and should provide a level playing field for taxpayers engaged in similar activities.

See the Energy and Taxes primer below in high or low resolution for more information. Sections include discussions of oil industry tax myths, fairness, rates, consequences of higher energy taxes, including impacts on the economy and the American individual.

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