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ICP Policies

Applications & Exams

  1. Each new application is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the first examination date requested by the applicant. After the 12-month period the application will expire, regardless of the number of exams scheduled or taken. If the applicant does not obtain a certification within this period of time and still wishes to obtain the certification, they must start the application process again, including re-submission of a full fee and a new application.
  2. Exam Appointments:
    • If you fail to schedule an exam appointment for your selected testing window, you will need to submit another application and additional fees will apply.
    • Prometric, API's exam administration vendor, charges a fee of $70 (payable directly to them) when an exam appointment is rescheduled or cancelled on their website within 5-29 days prior to an existing exam appointment.
    • You may not reschedule or cancel an exam less than five (5) days before a current exam appointment.
    • You may not change an exam to a new testing window after your exam is scheduled with Prometric. You will need to submit another application and additional fees will apply.
  3. Exam results are emailed from Prometric approximately 6-8 weeks after the final day of the testing window.
    • Exception: Results for the Ultrasonic Testing performance demonstration exams are emailed from API approximately 4-6 weeks after the exam session.
  4. API will not disclose or return the contents of a failed exam to any applicant.
  5. Candidates who pass their exams and have no deficiencies in their application, will be certified. Candidates will not be certified until all deficiencies are cleared, even if a passing score is received on the exam.
  6. A paper certificate and wallet card will be mailed approximately 2-4 weeks after the results have been released.
    • Print copies of your certificates and wallet cards directly from your API account in the ICP Portal. Select “Certifications” tab at the top of your account and click on the links labeled: “Print Certificate” and “Print Wallet Card.”
  7. The term of certification is three years.

API Payment Policy

  1. Applications will not be processed until payment is received and applied.
  2. All payments need to be made in United States currency and checks drawn from a U.S. bank. Applicants are responsible for all taxes, banking and other service fees, including all applicable withholding taxes.
  3. Mail checks to: API, P.O. Box 1425, Merrifield, VA 22116-1425 USA
  4. Send checks by courier services to: API, Attn: John Robertson, 1220 L Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20005-4070 USA
  5. When paying by electronic/wire transfer:
    • Applicants are responsible for all electronic transfer and banking fees.
    • Add a $50.00 USD handling fee for electronic payments not drawn on a U.S. bank.
    • Reference the ICP invoice number found in your online application.
    • Send funds to:  TD Bank, 1030 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20005 USA  /  ABA Routing # 054001725 (ACH)  /  ABA Routing # 031101266 (Wire)  /  Credit to American Petroleum Institute, Account # 4251303172, SWIFT: NRTHUS33

API Refund Policy

Refund requests must be submitted to API by email within three months from the date of payment.

API has a contract with the examination applicant. Therefore, API will only honor refund requests that come directly from the applicant, regardless of whether payment was made by a third party. Requests from said third parties will not be honored.

Refunds will be issued under these circumstances:

  1. API will refund the initial New Application fee, minus $100 for processing:
  2. API will refund 50% of the initial New Application fee for requests made after the application deadline and before the start of the testing window.
  3. API will refund 100% of a Reschedule Application fee when an applicant submitted a reschedule request then subsequently passed the examination from a previous application.

Refunds will not be issued under these circumstances:

  1. if request is made three months or more after the initial payment date.
  2. if request is made less than five days before a scheduled exam appointment, or any time after the testing window has started.
  3. if you did not show up for your exam.
  4. if you have already taken your exam.

Reschedule application fees are nonrefundable.

Late application fees are nonrefundable.

Grievances & Appeals

  1. Challenges and complaints regarding the conditions or environment of test locations must be submitted to API in writing no later than seven business days after the date of the examination. Please email API will investigate the reasons for complaints. However, examination scores will not be adjusted based on complaints about a testing location.
  2. Challenges regarding the content of examination questions must be submitted during the exam. Each question on the exam will have a comments section where you may enter a challenge. After the examination has been administered, a panel of subject matter experts will review all challenges received and determine their respective merits. In the event that challenges are found valid, the scoring will be adjusted and will be effective for all candidates taking the same exam.
  3. API does not accept grievances or appeals of the actual examination scores.
  4. API will not disclose or return the contents of a failed exam or renewal quiz to any applicant.

Code of Ethics for API Certified Inspectors

Inspection of equipment containing hazardous materials is an important technical profession. As members of this profession, inspectors in the petrochemical industry are expected to exhibit the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Accordingly, the services provided by inspectors require impartiality, fairness, and equity, and must be dedicated to the protection of the public and private health, safety, and welfare. Inspectors must perform under a standard of professional behavior that requires adherence to the highest principles of ethical conduct. In order to safeguard the health and well-being of other employees, general public and environment and to maintain integrity and high standards of skills, practice and conduct, the API certified inspector shall be at all times cognizant of the principles provided in this code of ethics with the understanding that any unauthorized practice or violation may be subject to the API ICP Committee’s review and may result in suspension or revocation of certification.

A. The API certified inspector shall act with complete integrity in matters of employment as an inspector and be forthright and candid with their employers, clients and API on all issues pertaining to their compliance to this code of ethics.

B. The API certified inspector shall perform the specific duties required of them by their employer or contract in a conscientious and impartial manner to the full extent of his/her moral and civic responsibilities and qualifications. Accordingly, the API certified inspector shall:
  1. undertake and perform assignments only when qualified to do so by training, experience and capability;
  2. be completely objective, thorough and factual in any written report or statement of work and include all relevant or pertinent information in such reports;
  3. act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees in all aspects of the performance of his/her work;
  4. conduct himself/herself responsibly, ethically and lawfully so as to maintain and enhance the honor, reputation and usefulness of the inspection profession.

C. With regard to rules of inspection practice, the API certified inspectors shall:

  1. notify their employer or client and any other relevant authority if inspector’s judgment is being overruled under circumstances that may endanger life, property or the environment;
  2. not permit the use of their name and/or not associate in business ventures with any person/entity that they believe may be engaged in a fraudulent or dishonest enterprise;
  3. not affix their signatures to any documents dealing with subject matter in which they lack competence, nor to any document attesting to facts or information of which they have no direct knowledge;
  4. not distort or alter any facts and, if applicable, acknowledge their errors duly advise their clients or employers when they believe they have discovered any non-conformances and/or non-compliance with the applicable standards and specifications.
D. With regard to conflicts of interest, the API certified inspector shall:
  1. conscientiously avoid conflict of interest with his/her employer or client;
  2. disclose any business association, interests, or circumstances that might be so considered;
  3. not accept compensation, financial or otherwise, from more than one party for services on the same project, or for services pertaining to the same project, unless the circumstances are fully disclosed and agreed to by all interested parties or their authorized agents;
  4. not solicit, or accept gratuities, directly or indirectly, from one or more parties dealing with the client or employer in connection with the API certified inspector’s work.
E. With regard to solicitation of employment, the API certified inspector shall not:
  1. pay, solicit or offer, directly or indirectly, any bribe or commission for employment with the exception of the usual commission or fees required; and
  2. falsify, exaggerate or indulge in the misrepresentation of personal academic and professional qualifications, current certifications, past assignments, accomplishments and responsibilities
  3. provide any false or exaggerated information or misrepresent professional qualifications, past assignments, accomplishments and responsibilities of his/her associates to API or any other relevant organization.