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API QUSE - Qualification of Ultrasonic Testing Examiners (Sizing)

Program Scope

1. The scope of this program addresses equipment and sizing evaluation techniques for crack height sizing examinations. The designed procedure provides guidelines and techniques for ultrasonic sizing of planar cracks which originate at the opposite side of the scanning surface or the inside diameter (ID). This procedure is applicable to carbon steel material thicknesses from 0.375 inches to 1.0 inches.

2. The Advanced Ultrasonic Crack Sizing Procedure outlines the requirements for contact methods, using refracted longitudinal wave and shear wave techniques for carbon steel materials. Other methods and techniques may be used when an appropriate sizing calibration block is utilized. Special longitudinal and/or shear wave search units, and special ultrasonic sizing calibration blocks are used for the sizing examinations. These sizing techniques are applicable to manual examinations only.

3. The API pressure vessel and piping inspection codes (510 and 570) have been modified to identify certain applications requiring the use of ultrasonic testing shear wave examiners that have passed a performance demonstration.

Candidate Orientation (A Must Read)

This contains all the information you need to have regarding the following:
1. Testing Protocol
2. Samples' geometry and presentation
3. Grading criteria
4. Equipment requirements
5. Required paperwork
6. Security
7. Other frequently asked questions

Test Procedures
1. API-UT-10 defines the recommended methods and techniques for ultrasonic crack sizing. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures prior to taking the test.

Exam Report Forms

Below are the actual forms that will be used in the examination. We strongly encourage you to closely examine these materials in preparation for the examination. 
1. Calibration Data Sheet
2. Sizing Equipment Inventory List
3. Crack Sizing Data Report Form