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Vapor Intrusion Training News

API conducted a 1/2-day workshop "Assessment and Evaluation of Vapor Intrusion at Petroleum Release Sites" at the annual AEHS conference in Amherst, MA.  The workshop was on Monday, October 17, 2011.  Below are PowerPoint presentations from the workshop.

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View/Download Assessing Vapor Intrusion at Petroleum Release Sites-October 2009

View/Download BioVapor, a 1-D Vapor Intrusion Model-October 2009

The Interstate Technology Regulatory Council (ITRC) ran the 1st of several planned 2-day vapor intrusion training classes on October 7-8, 2008 in Portland, OR. ITRC's training supports their well-received 2007 vapor intrusion guidance by providing in-depth information on developing site conceptual models, site investigation, data evaluation and mitigation. Class exercises allow attendees to apply their experience and newly-gained knowledge to real-world vapor intrusion scenarios.

On March 16 2008, API conducted a 1/2-day workshop: "Assessing Vapor Intrusion at Petroleum Release Sites" at the 20th Annual National Tanks Conference and Expo in Atlanta, GA. The goal of this workshop was to provide the most up-to-date, cost effective strategies for verifying bioattenuation and determining the significance of the vapor intrusion pathway. The workshop emphasized principles of vapor movement and attenuation, site conceptual model development, and collection of high-quality data. A similar workshop will be presented at the 19th Annual AEHS Meeting & West Coast Conference on Soils, Sediments, and Water; March 9-12, Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego, California.

View/Download Assessing Vapor Intrusion at Petroleum Release Sites

API has produced several publications on developing screening criteria, site assessment and vapor biodegradation

Simulating the Effect of Aerobic Biodegradation on Soil Vapor Intrusion Into Buildings
API Publication 4775
April 2009

Collecting and Interpreting Soil Gas Samples from the Vadose Zone: A Practical Strategy for Assessing the Subsurface Vapor-to-Indoor Air Migration Pathway at Petroleum Hydrocarbon Sites
API Publication 4741
November 2005

Identification of Critical Parameters for the Johnson and Ettinger (1991) Vapor Intrusion Model 
API Soil and Groundwater Research Bulletin Number 17
May 2002

Vadose Zone Natural Attenuation of Hydrocarbon Vapors

An Empirical Assessment Of Soil Gas Vertical Profile Data
API Soil and Groundwater Research Bulletin Number 15
December 2001

Determining Vapor Attenuation Factors Using a Screening-Level Model and Field Data from the CDOT-MTL

Summary API Soil and Groundwater Research Bulletin Number 16
April 2002

Assessing the Significance of Subsurface Contaminant Vapor Migration to Enclosed Spaces: Site-Specific Alternatives to Generic Estimates
Site-Specific Alternative to Generic Estimates
API Publication 4674

December 1998