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Addressing Uncertainty in Oil and Natural Gas Industry Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Industry has recognized that with the emergence of mandatory reporting programs and economic instruments that rely on precise knowledge of GHG emissions (and emission reductions) there is a growing focus on improving the quality of emission estimations. To meet this need, industry developed guidance entitled: “Addressing Uncertainty in Oil & Gas Industry GHG Inventories: Technical Considerations and Calculation Methods”. This is a collaborative effort among API, it’s global affiliate IPIECA, and it’s European counterpart CONCAWE. Addressing uncertainty for GHG emission estimates complements the API GHG Methodology Compendium (API Compendium)released in August 2009. It is being released as a ‘Pilot-Test’ version for one-year, to be followed by an updated version in 2010. The document provides the needed background information and details on measurement uncertainty and statistical calculation methods that are relevant for the industry, but could be used by other sectors as part of their GHG inventory development.  

Oil and Natural Gas Industry Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects
IPIECA and API have produced guidance for oil and natural gas companies as they evaluate options for reducing their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and registering project-level GHG emission reductions. This guidance focuses on the technical aspects of reducing GHG emissions separate from policy considerations. 

Natural Gas STAR
The American Petroleum Institute is the official endorser of the Natural Gas STAR Program, a voluntary partnership between EPA and the oil and gas industry designed to cost-effectively reduce methane emissions. Together, API and Natural Gas STAR are working to promote a common goal of profitably reducing methane emissions in the oil and gas industry. The U.S. EPA’s Natural Gas STAR program plays an important role in API’s mission to work constructively for sound energy and environmental public policies. API encourages all of its member companies to take an active role in protecting the environment by participating in Natural Gas STAR.