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API Fiberglass and Plastic Tank Inspection: Size limited to 30' diameter

When: April 11, 2013 - April 11, 2013
Where: Cranford, NJ

Presented by H.I.R. Technology


Many tank owners believe that since The EPA’s SPCC Program makes little mention of the tank’s “material of construction” then perhaps FRP and Plastic tanks are exempt from tank integrity inspection. Wrong!!

Not listing a type of storage unit such as FRP and Plastic tanks in the EPA’s SPCC, does not automatically exempt them and yes they must be inspected. Other requirements for inspection come from OSHA, NFPA, State and local jurisdictions.

Note: This course is unique in the fact that it is, to our knowledge, not available anywhere else in the world today. Industry has been using these kinds of storage tanks for years without any specific training that focuses on both new tank constructions standards and then compares the existing used tanks to the said new tank constructions standards after years in-service. We also use industry inspection standards to help provide both a-point-in-time appraisal of the tank in its current condition as well a providing a projected life of the tank and its ability a/o inability to provide safe storage of the given product being stored.

Course Highlights:
  • Materials
  • Design Codes
  • Fabrication
  • Tank Repair and Alteration
  • Tank Inspection Methodologies
  • Examination and Testing
  • Safety Considerations
  • Foundation Design
Who Should Attend:
  • Owners of aboveground Fiberglass and Plastic tanks
  • A new user of tank design and inspection repair standards
  • Inspectors that need to know how to safely inspect tanks and who need to be aware of potential dangers while performing inspection services
  • Persons responsible for tank inspection, maintenance, regulatory compliance, or safety

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Class Location:
Homewood Suites by Hilton
2 Jackson Drive
Cranford, NJ 07016
Phone: 908-709-7980

About the Instructor
Mr. Cornell is a Tank Specialist and Industry Consultant. He has coordinated in-house API Standard 653 courses on tank inspection and repair as well as providing training on API Standards 650 and 620. He is an expert on the Appendix “C” and “H” of the API-650 Standard. Mr. Cornell is the Senior Associate Staff Member for the Transportation Safety Institute through which He is under contract to provide training for over 10 years to Federal and State U.S.D.O.T. Breakout Tank Inspectors on the applicable tanks regulations as related to Above Ground Storage Tanks.

For More Information
Contact John Cornell 
E-mail:  johncornell@storagetanks.info 
Phone:  281-444-4950
Fax:      281-966-1769

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