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EOLCS Program Documents

Press Releases

The press release section is where you can find the most up-to-date information about the EOLCS Program.

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API 1509 Documents

API 1509 describes the voluntary API Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System (EOLCS) and explains to marketers how different API marks are licensed and displayed for the consumer. The current edition of API 1509 is now available and can be downloaded in pdf format. 

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API 1525A-Addendum 1, Bulk Engine Oil Chain of Custody and Quality Documentation

API 1525A - Addendum 1 provides procedures for managing bulk engine oil chain of custody to ensure oil quality from the point of manufacture to installation in the end user’s engine.

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Publication 1520, Directory of Licensees: API Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System

Publication 1520 assists consumers in selecting quality engine oils by identifying the companies licensed to display the API Engine Oil Quality Marks. This Licensee Directory is updated as often as several times a week and can only be accessed on-line.

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Publication 1560, Lubricant Service Designations for Automotive Manual Transmissions, Manual Transaxles, and Axles, 8th Edition, April 2013

Publication 1560 describes API gear lubricant service designations and assists manufacturers and users of automotive equipment in the selection of transmission and axle lubricants for a variety of operating conditions.

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Motor Oil Guide

This four-page laminated guide is designed to help consumers understand the API Engine Oil Quality Marks—the API Certification Mark "Starburst" and Service Symbol "Donut"—and the API Service Categories. A downloadable Motor Oil Guide shelf card is available in PDF format.

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