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Automotive Petroleum Forum

The Detroit Advisory Panel held its 39th Biennial Automotive/Petroleum Industry Forum on April 19, 2016. Under the theme "Fuel Economy - How Do We Get There?", the Forum provided up-to-date information on the fuels and lubricants issues facing Automotive Manufacturers and the Petroleum Industry. A list of the Presentations for download are available below.

Brian C. Mormino, Cummins Inc. “Heavy-Duty Automotive Trends and Outlook”
Dr. Dean Tomazic, FEV North America Improved Fuel Economy Using New Engine and Driveline Designs
Gary Parsons, Chevron Oronite Co. LLC PCMO Formulating Advances to Deliver Fuel Economy
Dr. Tina Dasbach, Institute of Materials Trends in Shear Stability of Automotive Engine Oils
Thomas A. McCarthy, Ford Motor Co. “An OEM’s Perspective on Fuel Economy Technologies and the Future”
Dan Sheets, The Lubrizol Corporation “Unlocking Industry Innovation - Time to Change the Model?”
Dr. David Brass, Infineum Diesel Engine Oil Fuel Economy: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond
Dr. Thomas Briggs, Southwest Research Institute LSPI Impact on Fuel Economy