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PSSAP: Assessment Request

If you are interested in having API conduct a Process Safety Site Assessment at your facility, please fill out and submit the Application below. After the application is reviewed a member of our staff will reach out to you directly.

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1. Legal Company and Facility Names

2. Actual physical location of facility to participate in the assessment. In general, documents will be sent to Primary Contact (see item 3). Physical location of facility is needed for planning of assessment.

3. Primary Contact for this Assessment and other API Legal Documents (NOTE: Individual must be an employee of the organization):


4. On site Facility Contact Person(s) (Contact person at the facility to be assessed, if different from the Primary Contact identified in item 3):

5. Indicate the size of the facility by total barrels per day throughput (TBD). Petrochemical Plants – please pick the size based on your judgement (i.e., ignore the barrels per day numbers):

6. Indicate the desired Assessment Approach (Check at least one. General and Partial Assessments are mutually exclusive selections, API RP — 751 HF or 3-year audit may be selected by itsel or in addition to another assessment):

7. Please give us an indication of the time frame you would like this assessment to take place. This can be done by year and/or quarter:

An exact week will be selected once an agreement is in place

General Assessment:

RP – 751 Assessment:

8. Submit

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