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Certifications Directories


The API Certification Programs provides the following FREE directories:

  • The API Composite List - lists companies participating in the API Monogram Program, API’s Quality and Environmental Management System Registration Programs, Perforator Design Registration.
  • Individual Certification Program (ICP) Directory - provides an easy to use method for locating API/ICP certified personnel. It provides the ability to search by certification type and/or geographic location.
  • Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System (EOLCS) Licensee Directory - lists Brand Names belonging to Engine Oil Licensees; SAE Viscosity Grades for Gasoline and Diesel Engines; API Service Categories; Countries with Engine Oil Licensees, and States and Provinces in North America with Engine Oil Licensees.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Certification Program Licensee Directory - lists Marketers and their relevant Brands who are licensed to use the API DEF or Marine DEF Certification Marks; Countries with DEF Licensees, and States and Provinces in North America with DEF Licensees.
  • API Learning Company Search Directory - a publicly accessible directory that can be used to search for service station contractors and underground storage tank operators with valid API certificates (formerly known as WorkSafe safety keys). You can search active certificate holders by location, work type, or company.
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