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API Plans Ambitious Aftermarket Audit Program for 2021

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Program Ensures the Quality of Oils Throughout the Supply Chain

WASHINGTON, January 12, 2021 – The American Petroleum Institute today announced the start of the 2021 cycle of the Aftermarket Audit Program (AMAP) with the goal of testing up to 1,300 packaged and bulk engine oil samples this year from around the world. AMAP oversees sampling of API-licensed oils in the marketplace and tests them to verify compliance with the engine oil specifications. This ensures oil marketers, distributors, installers and consumers that they can have confidence in the quality of API-licensed motor oils in the marketplace.

“API is making API SP and ILSAC GF-6A and GF-6B engine oils a focus for testing in 2021 to be certain that they are compliant with the rigorous specifications required for use in today’s gasoline engines,” said Jeffrey Harmening, manager, EOLCS with the American Petroleum Institute. “In addition, API plans to develop an annual summary report detailing AMAP program’s results.”

AMAP, which was launched in 1992, moved online in 2014 enabling API to quickly alert licensees to audit results and allowed for prompt corrective action to be taken when necessary. Through AMAP, API has tested more than 8,600 oil samples since 2014 to confirm that they met the API standards for which they are licensed. If a licensed oil does not match the specified physical and chemical requirements, API works with the licensee to evaluate the root cause and take appropriate corrective action. Unresolved nonconforming licensees are subject to additional enforcement actions in accordance with API 1509 - Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System. In addition to sampling licensed oils, API also samples and tests products encountered in the marketplace that are using the API certification marks without the authorization of API.

API tests oils from around the world and plans to expand the international program throughout the coming year. Oils for gasoline-powered engines will account for about 60 percent of tests and oils for diesel-powered engines will account for about 40 percent of tests in 2021. In addition, diesel exhaust fluid samples are also tested as part of the AMAP program with about 500 expected to be sampled and tested in 2021. For more information on these programs, visit

API represents all segments of America’s oil and natural gas industry. Our more than 600 members produce, process and distribute most of the nation’s energy. The industry supports more than ten million U.S. jobs and is backed by a growing grassroots movement of millions of Americans. API was formed in 1919 as a standards-setting organization. In our first 100 years, API has developed more than 700 standards to enhance operational and environmental safety, efficiency and sustainability.