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The oil and natural gas industry shares a keen interest in the policy issues arena. As demand for energy to keep our homes, vehicles, and businesses running continues to increase, so does our advancement in technology, allowing us to provide safe, reliable, and affordable energy. While serious challenges face our nation on a variety of fronts, oil and natural gas industry representatives remain actively engaged with government leaders to ensure informed decision making so the energy needs of tomorrow are met.

Fuels & Renewable Policy

The oil and natural gas industry is dedicated meeting the energy challenges of the 21st century and ensuring that the transportation fuel needs of U.S. consumers are addressed in the decades ahead. Also, the oil and natural gas industry is the nation’s largest user of ethanol and is increasing the volume of renewable fuels in America's transportation fuel portfolio.

Climate Change

API and its members commit to delivering solutions that reduce the risks of climate change while meeting society’s growing energy needs. We support global action that drives greenhouse gas emissions reductions and economic development.

Natural Gas Solutions

Clean. Reliable. Affordable. These are the three big benefits of natural gas. And together they continue to change the energy landscape in this country and beyond. American natural gas is a solution that has forever altered the world's energy equation.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling are safely unlocking vast U.S. reserves of oil and natural gas found in shale and other tight-rock formations. Developing energy from shale is an advanced process that uses the latest drilling technologies and equipment.

American Jobs

The oil and natural gas industry is the backbone of the American economy. What happens in the industry is felt throughout the entire economy. The oil and natural gas industry not only provides most of the energy that heats our homes, powers our factories and offices, and gets Americans to school and work, it also supports 9.2 million American jobs and supports more than $1 trillion of economic activity.


Our members recognize their responsibility to work with the public, the government, and others to develop and to use natural resources in an environmentally sound manner while protecting the health and safety of our employees and the public. Industry practice has changed a lot in the past 50 years, even the past 10 years. Advancements in technology allow us to conduct many aspects of our operations far more efficiently than just a few years ago. This efficiency translates to smaller "footprints" (the amount of surface area disturbed), less waste generated, cleaner and safer operations, and greater compatibility with the environment.

Hurricane Resources & Information

API helps the oil and natural gas industry gain a better understanding of the environmental conditions in and around the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane or tropical storm activity and then aids it to use that knowledge to make offshore and onshore facilities less vulnerable. API also collaborates with member companies, other industries and with federal, state and local governments to prepare for hurricanes and return operations as quickly and as safely as possible.

Ozone NAAQs

National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) are air quality standards established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the Clean Air Act.

Pandemic Resources & Information

API has provided these pandemic information resources to ensure members and industry partners have easy access to critical health and safety information as the outbreak of COVID-19 develops. Oil and natural gas operations occur around the world, which creates unique challenges for operators when such events occur. These resources can provide the information needed to make the plans and decisions necessary to protect people and maintain the global supply of oil and natural gas so critical to the world economy.

Energy Infrastructure

Oil and natural gas provide the majority of the energy American consumers’ need, and our nation’s energy infrastructure –including pipelines, railroads, highways, waterways and ports—make sure this energy is available when they need it.

Safety & System Integrity

America's oil and natural gas industry considers safety its top priority and is committed to developing the technologies, standards and best practices, and programs needed to help ensure that workplace safety is at the forefront of our activities.


API member companies share the objectives of policy makers regarding cybersecurity of the oil and natural gas industry – to protect critical infrastructure, to provide reliable energy for society, to safeguard public safety and the environment and to protect the intellectual property (IP) and marketplace competitiveness of companies. As operators and service providers of energy critical infrastructure in the United States and globally, protecting assets from cyber-attacks is a priority of API’s member companies.

Exploration & Production

Access to oil and natural gas resources is critical to supplying the energy needs of American consumers, business and homeowners.

American Energy

American Made Energy is our vision for the future. We can achieve this vision by unleashing the full benefit of developing U.S. oil and natural gas resources. But this will only happen if new policies are implemented to ensure effective regulation, if we proceed with vital infrastructure projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, and improve and accelerate the leasing and permitting process.

State of American Energy

The benefits of the American energy revolution are felt from the smallest communities to the global stage.

Energy is Everything

Think about energy. It’s all around us – in fuels and products that make life better, more comfortable. Yet energy’s value goes even deeper: What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What do you want to become? Energy is integrally involved in the answers to all three. It’s absolutely fundamental to both prosperity and opportunity.


America's oil and natural gas industry supports 10.3 million U.S. jobs and nearly 8 percent of the U.S. economy.. Our industry provides higher-than-average wages and helps ensure our nation’s energy security. In the process, the industry generates tax revenues from operations and sales of products that contribute billions every year to federal, state and local governments.


API supports free trade and the abolition of trade and investment restrictions on oil and natural gas goods and services and the liberalization of all trade in oil and natural gas. We support principles that achieve the objective of increasing trade in oil and natural gas, as well as principles that help to underpin investments in finding, developing, producing and transporting hydrocarbon resources.

Section 1504

API member companies have historically supported and continue to support payment transparency. Several API member companies are founding members of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative and engage in transparency initiatives in many countries.


Letters or Comments

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Testimony & Speeches

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