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Standards Contact List

To Purchase an API Standard or Document

Visit the API Publications Store or
Contact IHS at 1-800-854-7179 (Toll-free U.S. and Canada) or 303-397-7956 (Local and International)

API Standards/Specifications/Recommended Practices

Upstream Exploration & Production

Petroleum Measurement

Marine Transportation

Marketing (Downstream)

  • Facilities and Underground Storage Tanks (UST) - Nate Wall


Pipeline Welding and Related Facilities 

Refining (Downstream)

Aviation Fuel Handling

Safety & Fire Protection/Process Safety

Industry Training


Monogram License / Program (Certification Program)
Contact the Monogram Program – Patty Cackowoski

Individual/ Inspector Certification Program (Certification Program)
Contact the ICP Program – Andri Orphanides

Engine Oil Licensing Certification Program/Lubricants (Certification Program)
Contact the EOLCS Program – Adia Stockton