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API-U Owned Program

API-U offers courses on API Spec Q1 9th Ed., API Spec Q2, and Auditor. Those interested in becoming a training provider for these API owned courses must have in depth understanding of and experience in the standard that they apply to teach.

For trainer providers interested in teaching owned courses, please fill out the API-U Owned Training Provider Application and submit it to

API-U Non-Owned Program

With over 600 API Standards and Recommended Practices, there are hundreds of topics not covered by the API-U Owned Program. For these, API-U offers a non-owned program where qualified training providers are approved to teach courses on subjects related to API Standards and Recommended Practices.

For training providers interested in teaching their courses under API-U, please fill out the API-U Non-Owned Training Provider Application and submit it along with instructor CV(s) and the requested course information to