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Annual Application Windows

API-U is not accepting new training provider applications in 2022.
Please direct any questions to

API-U Owned Program

API has developed courses on API Spec Q1 9th Ed., API Spec Q2, and Auditing. Those interested in teaching these API courses must have in depth understanding of and experience in the standard that they apply to teach. Interested training providers should complete the API-U Owned Training Provider Application.

API-U Non-Owned Program

With over 700 API standards, there are many topics not covered by the API-U Owned Program. For these, API-U offers a program where qualified training providers can be approved to teach courses they have developed on subjects related to API standards.

API 2D Training

API Recommended Practice (RP) 2D-2, Training for Offshore Pedestal-Mounted Crane Riggers, Operators, and Inspectors, 1st Edition, establishes general principles for the training of personnel for safe operations and maintenance of offshore pedestal-mounted cranes, as a companion to API 2D and API 2C. Training providers seeking API-U approval of their crane rigger, operator, or inspector training courses should complete the API Training Provider Certification Program (TPCP) Application and the corresponding compliance checklist to demonstrate that the course addresses the minimum training requirements identified in API RP 2D-2.

Qualified Crane Inspector Compliance Checklist
Qualified Crane Operator Compliance Checklist
Qualified Rigger Compliance Checklist

All Other API Training Topics

Training providers that have developed courses on API subjects not listed above should complete the API-U Non-Owned Training Provider Application.

Please direct any questions to

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