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Standards News and Announcements

API Publishes Two Updated Standards for Underground Natural Gas Storage

WASHINGTON, November 29, 2022 – The American Petroleum Institute today released two second-edition standards for natural gas storage in underground salt caverns and depleted hydrocarbon and aquifer reservoirs to help ensure a safe and reliable energy supply.

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API Recommended Practice 1170

API has published API Recommended Practice (RP) 1170, Design and Operation of Solution-mined Salt Caverns Used for Natural Gas Storage, 2nd edition to provide guidance for salt cavern facilities used for natural gas storage. The standard focuses on facility geomechanical assessments, cavern well design and drilling, risk management, solution mining techniques and operations.

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API Recommended Practice 1171

API has published API Recommended Practice 1171, Functional Integrity of Natural Gas Storage in Depleted Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Aquifer Reservoirs, 2nd edition, to outline storage well, reservoir and fluid management for functional integrity in design, construction, operation, monitoring, maintenance and documentation practices. The standard applies to natural gas storage in depleted natural gas and oil reservoirs as well as aquifer reservoirs.

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New API Guidance Boosts Species and Habitat Conservation

The natural gas and oil industry is committed to implementing good practices to further enhance species and habitat conservation while continuing to provide the reliable energy that consumers demand.

As an illustration of that commitment, API has developed new conservation guidance that builds on existing initiatives and practices as part of the industry’s continuous effort to improve operations and reduce its environmental footprint.

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API Bulletin 4565, Species and Habitat Conservation: Industry Fundamentals

API has published API Bulletin 4565, Species and Habitat Conservation: Industry Fundamentals. This first-edition document is focused on species and habitat conservation for onshore natural gas and oil production facilities. The document will help boost the industry’s existing practices to enhance environmental performance.

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New Edition of API 510 Enhances Safety of Pressure Vessel Inspection Code

The American Petroleum Institute published a new edition of API Standard 510 specifying the in-service inspection, repair, alteration and rerating activities for pressure vessels and the pressure-relieving devices used in the hydrocarbon and petrochemical industries.

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API Standard 510

API Standard 510 - Pressure Vessel Inspection Code: In-service Inspection, Rating, Repair, and Alteration, 11th edition, has been published. Using learnings from industry application, the 11th edition will help owner-operators prevent future HSE and reliability incidents. The update includes the addition of a detailed section for the analysis of inspection results.

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Updated API Standard for Pipeline Public Awareness Programs Enhances Public Safety

The American Petroleum Institute (API) in August released an updated standard for pipeline public awareness programs, which help protect buried utilities, local communities and the people who live and work near pipeline rights of way.

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New API 3D Printing Standard Promotes Efficiency and Environmental Stewardship

The American Petroleum Institute (API) today published a new standard on additive manufacturing (3D printing) for polymer-based components used in the natural gas and oil industry that will increase operating efficiency, ease supply chain issues and help reduce emissions.

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API Standard 20T

API has published API Standard 20T Additively Manufactured Polymer-Based Components for Use in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries. This first edition standard specifies requirements for qualification in the manufacturing process, production, marking and documentation of 3D printing polymer-based components used in the industry.

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