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Standards Committees

API’s Standards Committees are made up of subcommittees and task groups comprised of industry experts who develop API standards. These groups identify the need, then develop, approve, and revise standards and other technical publications. New projects must be justified by valid business and safety needs. The standards-writing subcommittees and task groups are open to representatives of groups that are materially affected by the standards. These include oil and gas companies, manufacturers and suppliers, contractors and consultants, and representatives of government agencies and academia.

See a list of all open ballots available for public review and public comment.

Standards Committee Application

Participation on API Standards Committees requires travel to committee meetings. It is highly desirable to have your management's support in order to facilitate effective participation. It is expected that participation in API Committees would include support from your management for the following:

  • maintaining committee membership,
  • participation on work groups (based on your technical expertise/background),
  • traveling to work group meetings (typically twice per year),
  • providing input to API ballots when required, and
  • assuming an overall active role in committee activities. 
Which API committee would you like to join?:

Please note that API committee membership is not a requirement to join an industry workgroup.

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