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An Introduction to Refining

Do you know all the ways refineries affect your daily life? 

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How an Oil Refinery Works

Ever wondered how an oil refinery works? Now you can learn more about the technology involved in refining crude oil into the thousands of petroleum-based products you use everyday.

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Refining, Distribution and Marketing

When you think of oil, you likely visualize a thick, black substance. But you have probably noticed that the gasoline you pump for your car is light brown or colorless. This difference is the result of the refining process, which takes the heavy, crude oil from the ground and processes it into petroleum products like gasoline, plastic and agricultural chemicals, among others. Refineries are a key step in getting oil to market and meeting growing global energy demand, but they are only a piece of the process to get gasoline into your car's tank. 

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Energy & Communities

Often overlooked, America’s world-class refining sector not only produces the fuels that energize our transportation sector, but also produces cleaner fuels to ensure that our air stays clean. Just as our cars have modernized, so have our fuels and the refineries that produce it.

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Refinery Safety

API members are committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of all that share it. API's safety activities and programs support this commitment through research, standards development, training, information sharing and transfer and advocacy.

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API Refining Standards and Publications

Since 1924, API has been a cornerstone in establishing, maintaining and publishing standards and recommended practices for the oil and natural gas industry.

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Technical Reports

API often compiles and publishes technical papers related to the refining industry. Find them here. 

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Archival Information

API's past comments on refining-related issues

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