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Diesel Tax

For more detailed information, please view: Notes to State Motor Fuel Excise Tax Report (January 2022).


    Greater than 54.8
    Less than 47.0
U.S AVERAGE: 64.64*
US National Average
Gasoline Diesel
State Excise Tax 26.16 ¢ per gallon 26.72 ¢ per gallon
Other State Taxes/Fees 12.53 ¢ per gallon 13.52 ¢ per gallon
Total State Taxes/Fees* 38.69 ¢ per gallon 40.24 ¢ per gallon
Total State and Federal Taxes 57.09 ¢ per gallon 64.64 ¢ per gallon

*The national average is volume weighted and takes into account fuel consumption in each state.

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