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Environmental Stewardship

E and P Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Regulation of the Exploration and Production Industry Oil and natural gas development and production occur at over 860,000 sites in 33 states, and to protect the environment, federal and state governments have imposed regulations on oil and natural gas industry activity in the United States. Numerous environmental agencies have regulations that affect the exploration, development, and production processes.

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Managing Produced Water Releases

The exploration and production (E&P) industry uses great care during the handling and disposal of the produced water that is generated as a normal part of oil and gas production.

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Rigs to Reef Programs Create Valuable Fish Habitat

The Gulf of Mexico lack natural reefs. Not long after platforms first appeared in the Gulf, fishermen found that they caught more fish near platforms. Subsequent research found that the platforms act as artificial reefs, attracting and enhancing fish populations.

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Resource Center for Risk-Based Methodologies

This spreadsheet simplifies calculations of Tier 1 and limited Tier 2 cleanup or action levels for compounds often found at oil and gas exploration and production sites. Based on the risk assessment methodologies developed by the U.S. EPA and the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), the spreadsheet reflects the advances made by the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons Criteria Working Group and the Petroleum Environmental Research Forum (PERF) Project 97-08.

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Waste Management Facilities

A cooperative effort among representatives of the oil and gas industry, commercial waste management facilities, and state governments developed guidelines for third party, commercial firms managing exploration and production (E&P) waste.

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