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Pipeline Strategic Data Tracking System (PSDTS)

Safety Portal Training Webinar

This webinar introduces the Safety portal, the new home of the Pipeline Strategic Data Tracking system (PSDTS), and the future home of all API Safety Programs. During this webinar, participants learn how to navigate the portal including how to enter and manage their data. Participants are also shown a sneak peek preview of how to run customized and benchmarking reports in a future release of the portal.

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PSDTS Overview

Pipeline Strategic Data Tracking System, PSDTS, is a key component of the oil pipeline industry's Environmental and Safety Initiative.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PSDTS

Detailed and Concise Frequently Asked Questions on PSDTS and DIRT Reporting

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PPTS/PSDTS Related Files

PPTS/PSDTS Advisories and Other Files

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Meetings & Workshops

PPTS Workshops and Related Team Meetings

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