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What are fracking myths?

Some say the fracking debate is over, while others think the debate is just getting started. Those who think the debate is just getting started believe fracking causes earthquakes and contaminates drinking water. Many people believe the states are doing a poor job of regulating the fracking process. However, these arguments are nothing but myths. Here are 5 fracking facts to prove the debate is over.

Fracking is short for hydraulic fracturing, a method of drilling used to releases natural gas from shale rock formations deep beneath the ground. Hydraulic fracturing methods have been used for decades. Advances in technology have made fracking more efficient and accessible as ever.

Myth 1. Fracking causes drinking water contamination

Since the late 1940s, the U.S. has used hydraulic fracturing as a method to release gas. The combinations of fracking and horizontal drilling lets drillers extract oil and gas from areas that, in the past, were impossible to reach.

Drinking water is located just a few feet underground, while fracking takes place more than 7,000 feet underground. Solid rock separates the oil and gas deposits from shallow ground water.

Myth 2. Fracking causes earthquakes

Federal officials say the act of fracking does not cause earthquakes. Fracking in this respect is separate from wastewater disposal. An experts from the U.S. Geological Survey told NPR, “Fracking itself probably does not put enough energy into the ground to trigger an earthquake. That’s really not something that we should be concerned about.”

Myth 3. States are not regulating fracking efficiently

States insist that fracking and wastewater disposal is done properly with the highest level of efficiency and safety. Fracking is better regulated by the state because the state understands its environment and how fracking should regulated.

“States are stepping up and doing a good job,” says federal EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson.

Source: Free Repulic

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