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Offshore Safety

Safety First, Safety Always.

Safety stands out as a core value for the oil and natural gas industry, embedded in every process and decision for operations. This approach has led to continued advancements in technology, improved industry standards and enhanced best practices, smarter regulations, and innovative approaches to addressing offshore safety. This continued and comprehensive progress has made offshore oil and natural gas exploration and production the safest it’s ever been.

The oil and natural gas industry and the federal government are working together to continuously improve the safety of offshore operations. The industry has placed a particular focus on increasing its ability to:

  • PREVENT spills from occurring.
  • INTERVENE to halt any spill that does occur.
  • RESPOND to spills with the most effective mitigation measures possible.

As always, standards and best practices will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis in order to protect the environment and promote the safe and responsible development of energy sources that help fuel the American economy.


Safety First, Safety Always

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Key Improvements to Offshore Safety - Brochure

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Significant Improvements to Offshore Safety

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API Standards for Safe Offshore Operations

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Improvements to Offshore Safety by Industry and Government (updated April 2020)

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Safe Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

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The United States has one of the World’s Most Well Coordinated Spill Response Networks

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Increasing Offshore Safety: Updating the Blowout Preventer Systems and Well Control Rule

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Center for Offshore Safety
The Center for Offshore Safety was established by industry to promote the highest level of safety for offshore exploration and production through leadership, effective safety and environmental management systems and collecting safety and incident data to support the continuous improvement of safety management programs.

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API and Joint Industry Task Force Reports on Offshore Safety Changes (2012-2015)

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