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Hurricane Resources & Information

Federal Hurricane Resources

Links to the National Hurricane Center, U.S. Energy Department situation reports, government tracking and reporting on energy disruptions, natural disaster preparedness information and more.

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State Hurricane Resources

Links to current state-specific storm emergency information, the National Governors Association’s report on executive authority during energy emergencies and state energy facts.

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From the Energy Tomorrow Blog: Recent Related Posts

Latest hurricane-related content from the Energy Tomorrow Blog, including information on industry preparations and readiness and the fuel supply chain: View Posts

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Hurricane Response And Market Effect: An API Fact Sheet

Hurricane and tropical storm activity can put a strain on U.S. oil and natural gas operations, particularly if the storm tracks through the production-heavy Gulf of Mexico or makes landfall along the Gulf Coast region, which houses many of the nation’s refinery and natural gas processing centers. API has assembled a fact sheet to help consumers better understand the interconnected U.S. fuel supply system and what happens when a supply shock, such as a major hurricane, occurs.

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How is the Natural Gas And Oil Industry Preparing?

API plays two primary roles for the industry in preparing for hurricanes. First, API communicates generally how the industry prepares for and responds to significant events, before, during and after the event to alleviate some of the burden on the companies who are actively responding to potentially damaging events. Second, API works with member companies, other industries and with federal, state and local governments to prepare for hurricanes and return operations as quickly and as safely as possible.

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Natural Gas And Oil Industry Preparedness Handbook

API created the Oil and Natural Gas Industry Preparedness Handbook, with support from members and associations throughout the industry, to illustrate how local responses can be aided by local, State and regional associations, established relationships with governments and communities, and how corporate and federal capabilities can facilitate efficient response and recovery at the local level.

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Natural Gas and Oil Supply Chains Explained

The oil and natural gas supply chains can be complicated and sometimes obscure systems to many who rely on their products and services. API has created supply chain models for both oil and natural gas to communicate, in the simplest terms, how the industry works from the identification of resources to the end user.

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