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Oil Tankers

The Value of Maritime Transportation

Waterways are the most efficient way of transporting everyday products - from petroleum, grain, coal and farm products to steel, sand, chemicals, and other building supplies - across the country. 

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Maritime Safety & Efficiency

Over the last decade, more than 99.9997% of oil delivered by tankers to the U.S. reached its destination without incident.

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Investing in Marine Transportation

The safety of the marine transportation system depends on a safe waterway infrastructure, including waterway maintenance, improvements, and management.

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Energy: Safely and Efficiently Delivered

Fueling American life: It's hard to imagine modern life without petroleum. How does much of that oil reach America? By tanker. Today there are thousands of tankers working safely to deliver to us the energy we need. See online poster for more information.

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Tankers: Fueling American Life

Tankers and the people who run them work hard to provide the energy resources that power American industries and fuel our domestic economy.

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LOOP Brings Supertankers' Oil Cargo to Shore

Ocean-going supertankers deliver much of the oil imported for use in the United States, but their massive size creates special challenges.

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Tanker Industry Environmental Responsibility

In the unlikely event of an oil spill, emergency equipment is stationed at strategic locations around the country, ready to spring into action 24-7-365 to lessen the impact of a spill.

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