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You may think of rough-necks when you think of the natural gas and oil industry, but the industry is becoming more and more high-tech every day.

The Air Up Here

America's air is cleaner thanks to increased used of clean natural gas.

Thanks to Natural Gas, the Air up Here is Cleaner

The innovative technologies pioneered by America's natural gas and oil industry are meeting our country's energy needs even while lowering emissions and making air cleaner than it's been in decades.

Online Ad: Benefits of Pro-Growth Tax Reform

Pro-growth tax reform benefits all Americans.

Online Ad: Invest in Pro-Growth Tax Reform

Support a pro-growth tax system that levels the playing field for companies, both at home and abroad, to bring investments and economic growth to the U.S.

Radio Ad: Say NO to Power Plant Bailouts

Affordable, reliable electricity is vital to Ohio’s future.

Print Ad: Oil Taps Potential

As an industry, we are working to inspire the next generation of leaders and professionals, paying particular attention to young women and minority students who are currently underrepresented in STEM subjects.

Radio Ad: Energy Infrastructure – Nebraska

America’s energy infrastructure is the backbone of communities across the nation.

Television Ad: Energy Infrastructure – Nebraska

Support energy infrastructure and Nebraska Jobs.

Print Ad: Oil Strikes a Pose

Odds are, something you’re wearing right now is made from petroleum.