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E15 Could Be Harmful to Your Gas Tank

E15 Could Be Harmful to Your Gas Tank

Natural Gas Has Upped Its IQ - :15

Natural gas computes petabytes and subtracts carbon. Energy turns brainpower into horsepower.

Oil Has Upped Its IQ - :15

Oil sees through rock and prints steel. Oil turns brainpower into horsepower.


You may think of rough-necks when you think of the natural gas and oil industry, but the industry is becoming more and more high-tech every day.

Thanks to U.S. Natural Gas: America's Manufacturing Jobs Continue to Rise

Access to cheaper energy can be a huge advantage to manufacturers. Energy can account for a large share of the cost of making goods.

Thanks to U.S. Natural Gas: Solar and Wind Energy Are Enabled With Backup Power

Natural gas enables wind and solar energy with its ability to ramp up and down quickly.

Thanks to U.S. Natural Gas: CO2 Emissions Are At 25 Year Lows

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions are now at 25-year lows. Falling carbon emissions from the electricity sector have led the way and now are at their lowest level since 1988 even as the size of our economy has tripled over the same period.

Thanks to U.S. Natural Gas: Energy is Cleaner, Cheaper and Lowers American's Energy Costs

Thanks to the use of innovative technologies and American know-how, the natural gas industry has turned the U.S. into the world’s largest natural gas producer.

Thanks to U.S. Natural Gas: Innovative Technologies Result In Smaller Footprint

Even as U.S. natural gas production has soared, the surface area needed to produce natural gas is shrinking thanks to innovative technology.

Fueling Modern Life: Communication, Technology, Film and More

Very few aspects of modern life aren’t touched in some way by natural gas and oil. Thousands of products made from natural gas and oil make life healthier, safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.