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Energy Resources

See information on energy resources, both nonrenewable and renewable.

Energy Source, Energy Choices

What are the best energy sources? "Best" depends on many factors—how the energy is being used, where it is being used.

How an Oil Refinery Works

Ever wondered how an oil refinery works? Now you can learn more about the technology involved in refining crude oil into the thousands of petroleum-based products you use everyday.

Key Characteristics of Nonrenewable Energy Resources

Nonrenewable energy resources include coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium-235. Here are some of the key characteristics for these nonrenewable energy resources.

Key Characteristics for Renewable Energy Resources

Energy resources are often characterized as renewable and nonrenewable. Here are key characteristics of renewable energy resources.

What is Energy?

The short answer: it's the driving force of life. Every living organism does work, and needs energy from food or photosynthesis. Learn more about energy and the many forms that it can take.

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