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OSHA Safe + Sound Week

Every year, API takes part in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Safe + Sound Week, highlighting API standards, recommended practices, and other programs that enhance workplace safety.

API's focus on safety in the workplace stretches across all segments of the natural gas and oil industry including offshore, pipelines, refineries and more. API Energy Excellence®, API's newest member initiative, exemplifies these principles and codifies how organizations can continue to accelerate safety and environmental progress across operations. 

During this week, August 7-12, 2023, specific occupational safety standards are made available for download and can be accessed here.

API Process Safety  

API's Process Safety Site Assessment Program (PSSAP®) offers refinery and petrochemical facilities a third party assessment of their process safety systems to drive continuous improvement.

API Safety Assessment Program Serves Important Role at Refineries

Refineries and petrochemical plants play an increasingly important role in supplying the world’s fuel and energy needs, while also producing a diverse suite of products and materials that people use in daily life.

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Webinars to learn more about PSSAP

API RP 751, 5th ed., Part 4 (Impact on PSSAP program)

PSSAP Product Storage and Transfer: Lessons Learned and Industry Good Practices

Occupational Safety

API Rules to Live By cover some of the most critical safety hazards in the industry and are simple, concise reminders to workers and supervisors on safety guidelines. 

Protecting Workers Who Produce Our Energy

Occupational safety is at the forefront of the natural gas and oil industry’s priorities across the supply chain of operations. With industry, API and stakeholders develop standards and implement programs to help ensure that we’re keeping personnel, communities and the environment safe.

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Webinars to learn more about occupational safety

API Pipeline Safety


Pipeline Safety Management System (SMS) is part of the industry's ongoing commitment to continuous pipeline safety improvements and primarily involves the assessment of operators' pipeline SMS by a third party assessment team. The 2021 Pipeline SMS Annual Report found that 85% of total industry pipeline mileage participated in Pipeline SMS implementation.

Enhancing the Safety Mission of Pipelines Through Third-Party Assessment

Pipelines are vital lifelines for the nation and the economy. Even amid rapid technological change, these key pieces of infrastructure safely and sustainably deliver the fuel and raw materials needed to power everything from the cars we drive to our iPhones.

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Webinars to learn more about pipeline safety

Offshore Safety 


The Center for Offshore Safety advances safety, environmental protection, operational integrity and risk management in offshore operations and supports companies involved in natural gas and oil to develop, implement, and improve their Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS).

Advancing Safety and Sustainability Offshore Through COS

U.S. offshore natural gas and oil production is a significant source of energy for the nation and the world, which is why its safe and reliable production has become the centerpiece of the industry’s continued work on the outer-continental shelf (OCS)..

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Webinars to learn more about offshore safety

 Center for Offshore Safety webinar page

API Energy Excellence®


API Energy Excellence helps meet the industry's commitment to accelerating safety and environmental progress across its operations, while meeting global demand for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy as members commit to its 13 core elements

API Energy Excellence Drives Sustainability and Environmental Progress

API Energy Excellence launched earlier this year as a landmark API member initiative. The program is designed to build upon and accelerate industry efforts to advance safety, environmental stewardship and sustainability through API’s best-in-class safety and environmental standards and programs.

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Onshore Safety Alliance (OSA)


The Onshore Safety Alliance (OSA) is an industry-wide program dedicated to the well-being of the industry's workforce and is open to all companies engaged in oil and gas exploration and production operations onshore.

Maintaining Safe Operations with Onshore Safety Alliance

All stakeholders within the natural gas and oil industry share the goal of maintaining safe operations. To support this, a voluntary coalition of operators, drilling contractors, service companies and trade associations recently formed the Onshore Safety Alliance (OSA) to work together towards protecting workers and reducing incidents across onshore operations.

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