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Fire Protection

Refineries and plants have specialized fire safety needs. API strongly supports the principles of fire prevention as elements for personnel and property protection in the petroleum industry. Prevention programs provide the most effective means of ensuring personnel safety. Refineries install extensive fire protection equipment to include fire water systems, foam fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers, and fire alarms. While many refineries operate their own fire-fighting forces and equipment on-site, coordination with local safety responders is also important. Sometimes, refineries have opportunity to give back to their communities by sharing knowledge, expertise, and fire-fighting capabilities with their local communities. 

API provides a forum for its members to share information and develop industry standards to advance safety and loss prevention programs. Members of the API Safety & Fire Protection Group work to advance the occupational safety and fire protection expertise in the refinery and petrochemical industry.

Currently, API maintains about 30 safety and fire protection standards and recommended practices.

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