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API Energy Excellence®

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The natural gas and oil industry is unified in our commitment to accelerating safety and environmental progress across its operations, while meeting global demand for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy. Meeting this demand requires safe and responsible production, transportation, refining and exports managed by a skilled and diverse workforce and continuously improving our performance by incorporating new technologies and approaches informed by sound science and performance data.

As a core value incorporated into API Principles, API members commit to enhance the integrity of operations across the industry by applying standards, implementing workforce training programs, and participating in performance initiatives. While API member companies have been using API standards and programs for decades, API Energy Excellence® codifies our industry’s practices in driving safety, health, and environmental progress.

API Energy Excellence is comprised of 13 core elements. API Energy Excellence companies commit to applying these 13 elements to safeguard our employees, environment and the communities in which they operate. Together, API members advance these priorities by:

  • Building and maintaining a culture of safety throughout all aspects of our operations.
  • Investing in technologies and practices that advance safety and environmental protection through continuous, systematic evaluation.
  • Developing a resilient workforce equipped with the skills and knowledge to advance safety and environmental performance.
  • Enhancing transparency and tracking performance improvements.
  • Engaging and sharing information with communities where we operate.
  • Documenting policies, goals, and commitments, as well as identifying responsibilities of personnel at all levels.
  • Investigate incidents to identify causes and implements actions to mitigate future incidents.
  • Planning, preparing for, and learning from emergencies to ensure actions are taken to protect the safety of our employees, communities, and the environment.

As leaders in the natural gas an oil industry, API Energy Excellence is an expectation of API membership, actionable and meaningful for companies of all sizes and scopes. Members report progress against the Energy Excellence elements, assuring accountability and continual progress in the critical areas of safety and the environment.

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