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American Energy

Energy Policy at a Glance

See the many ways energy policy is vitally important to U.S. consumers, economy, and energy security in this brochure.

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State of the Union Thinking Game

Think Jobs. Think Growth. Think Security. Think Energy.

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Energy Security

With current global uncertainty and turmoil in oil and natural gas producing regions, America needs to regain control of its energy future by increasing oil and natural gas production here at home.

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Infrastructure Study

Relative to today’s production realities, the existing energy transportation system is virtually upside down, and righting it will eliminate costly inefficiencies as well as generate substantial economic growth.

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Poll Finds Majority of U.S. Voters Support National Energy Policy

Energy is that rare issue to achieve broad support across the political spectrum. A recent poll found that a majority of all voters support establishing a national energy policy that ensures a secure supply of abundant, affordable and available energy in an environmentally responsible manner.

The poll makes clear that the American people expect their political leaders to set aside political posturing and partisan ideology and to approach our nation’s energy future in a spirit of cooperation and constructive compromise, and to focus on doing what’s best for consumers and what’s right for our economy and environment.

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