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Veterans and Energy

Energy for Veterans: Opportunities in the Natural Gas & Oil Industry

A vast opportunity exists for the natural gas and oil industry to attract, retain, and develop lifelong careers for veterans in the industry. Veterans come to the civilian workforce with extensive technical and nontechnical skills gained through military experience and training. Many of these skills have direct applicability to the natural gas and oil industry, making them ideal candidates to fill the projected 1.3 million job opportunities available.

The Energy for Veterans initiative is designed to attract more veterans and transitioning service members into meaningful and well-paying careers as inspectors in the natural gas, oil and petrochemical industries. API provides tools and resources to assist veterans to find job opportunities and establish a competitive advantage in the industry.

Veteran Energy Pipeline

Translating military training and experience to civilian jobs can be difficult for both veterans exploring career options and for civilian employers. The Veterans Energy Pipeline tool has been designed to help military trained applicants and civilian employers understand how military training and experience relate to the top civilian jobs in the oil and natural gas industry.

To access the tool, visit

WEAMS Accredited Professional Certifications

Veterans and transitioning service members may apply their skills in the industry by obtaining professional credentialling through API’s Individual Certification Programs (ICP). Recognized worldwide for producing professional and expert inspectors, ICP offers 21 certifications that provide applicants with practical knowledge of relevant industry inspection codes and standards across various segments of the industry.

ICP certifications have been approved by the Department of Veteran Affairs for the Web Enabled Approval Management System (WEAMs), a centralized online database of approved licenses and certifications which allows active military, veterans and eligible spouses and dependents to receive funding when applying with their GI Bill benefits. Anyone who qualifies for the GI Bill can use up to $2,000 to reimburse test fees for a job that requires a certification. Candidates can also apply for reimbursement for multiple ICP certifications separately, up to the maximum $2,000.


Veterans and Energy: Opportunities in the Oil & Natural Gas Industry (June 2017)

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Veterans and Energy Report (June 2017)

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