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Industry Advertisements

Television Ad: Power Past Impossible – Oil :15

This ain’t your daddy’s oil.

Television Ad: Pipelines create jobs

Private pipeline investment could create more than 800,000 jobs. America's energy infrastructure is our nation's backbone.

Television Ad: Making a Living Working on Pipelines

Pipelines and energy infrastructure provide jobs and livelihoods for American workers.

Television Ad: Florida Fracking (30 Seconds)

New Florida television ad opposing fracking ban legislation and touting the safe exploration of natural gas that helps keep energy costs low for Floridians.

Radio Ad: Labor Support For Western Maryland Fracking

New radio ad featuring Ernie Grecco, President of the Metropolitan Baltimore Council AFL-CIO, who supports safely developing natural gas resources in Western Maryland.

Radio Ad: Western Maryland Fracking (60 seconds)

Clean-burning natural gas is making a real difference throughout Maryland, and nearly half of Maryland homes heat with natural gas – saving households up to $1,700 dollars a year. And as use of natural gas for electricity has increased, Maryland carbon emissions and air pollution have decreased.

Print Ad: What does natural gas mean to Marylanders? Economic Growth.

Safely producing natural gas in Western Maryland could pump tens of millions in additional dollars into our state economy.

Print Ad: What does natural gas mean to Marylanders? Jobs.

Safely producing clean-burning natural gas in Western Maryland could create even more high-paying jobs.

Print Ad: What does natural gas mean to Marylanders? Lower home heating bills.

Heating with clean, affordable natural gas is already saving Maryland households up to $1,700 per year.