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Industry Advertisements

Radio Ad: Western Maryland Fracking (30 seconds)

Safely producing natural gas here in Western Maryland could mean hundreds of new jobs, boosting our local economy and generating millions in local revenue.

Radio Ad: Maryland Fracking

Let’s say no to the fracking ban. And yes to the many benefits of Maryland natural gas.

Television Ad: Affordable Natural Gas - Pipelines

There is a lot of affordable natural gas just a couple of states away. All we need is a pipeline to get it to our power plants and homes.

Television Ad: Infrastructure - Pipelines

Pipelines, using cutting-edge technology and 24/7 monitoring for safety, can deliver clean, reliable, affordable natural gas to power homes and businesses.

Television Ad: Pennsylvania Jobs - Pipelines

Expanding America’s energy infrastructure means expanding our economy and creating jobs right here in Pennsylvania.

Print Ad: E15 Cartoon – ATV

E15 gas could damage your ATV engine.

Print Ad: E15 Cartoon – Classic Car Parade

E15 gas could damage the engine of a classic car.

Online Ad: E15 Cartoon – Water Skiing

E15 gas could damage your boat engine.

Television Ad: Who Opposes Harmful Fuel Mandates?

Food producers and restaurants. Retailers and car markers. Tell Congress to fix the harmful Renewable Fuel Standard.

Television Ad: Newspapers agree: End harmful fuel mandates.

Because it’s bad for consumers and bad for our cars. Tell Congress to fix the harmful Renewable Fuel Standard.