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Wetlands Aquatic Habitat

New Directions in Drilling Aid Environmental Conservation

It is possible to recover the oil and natural gas reserves located under environmentally sensitive lands, such as wetlands or aquatic habitats, without disrupting the ecosystem. Thanks to breakthrough innovations in drilling technology, what sounds too good to be true is actually happening every day.

Old Rigs Make New Marine Habitats

An innovative approach to dismantling out-of-service offshore oil and natural gas production platforms is creating new, thriving habitats for marine life while saving the industry money. Obsolete platforms in the Gulf of Mexico have been "decommissioned" by dismantling, being towed to shore, cut up and sold for scrap. However, the platforms can create artificial reefs, needed marine habitat created while saving the industry millions of dollars, even after 50% of the savings are given to the host State's artificial reef program.

Industry Good Stewards of Gulf of Mexico

The oil and natural gas producing industry has an outstanding record on environmental stewardship in the Gulf of Mexico. An extensive body of literature, authored by federal, state, academic and industry sources, demonstrates that the oil and natural gas industry makes substantial contributions to domestic production from this region with minimal environmental impact.

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