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Impacts to the Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Industry from the Proposed Modification & Revocation of Jones Act Rulings by CBP

The Customs and Border Protection Agency recently proposed modifications to its rulings related to the use of Jones Act vessels in offshore oil and natural gas activity that could have significant impacts on U.S. energy production. According to a the Calash economic report, the impact of these proposals include the potential for significant loss of American jobs, reduced U.S. oil and natural gas production, and diminished revenues for federal and state government. It’s important that these proposed changes to the rulings be immediately withdrawn in order to protect U.S. energy security and allow for consumers and businesses to continue benefiting from America’s energy renaissance.

API Joint Trade Comment Letter on CBP Proposal April 18, 2017

News Release: API: New report forecasts damage to American economy, jobs, and energy production from new Jones Act rulings

Blog Post: Withdraw Energy-Hindering Jones Act Proposals

Calash Report: Economic Impact Analysis

Calash Executive Summary

CBP Customs Bulletin Notice January 18, 2017

API Letter to CBP January 26, 2017

CBP Customs Bulletin Notice February 8, 2017

API FOIA Request to CBP

API Letter to CBP transmitting the Economic Impact Analysis

IMCA “Marine Construction Vessel Impacts of Proposed Modifications and Revocations of Jones Act Letters Related to Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Activities”

IMCA Summary

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