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Working with the Responders: A Vital Partnership for an Effective Response to Pipeline Emergencies

Representing a broad cross section of major North American liquids pipeline operators, the API/AOPL Emergency Response Team (ERT) is responsible for implementing API/AOPL strategy to proactively enhance hazardous liquid pipeline emergency communications, planning, preparedness and response. Further, the team represents the liquids pipeline industry in meetings with emergency response advocacy organizations.

Pipelines are one of the safest and most reliable methods to transport the large volumes of petroleum required every day by consumers, small businesses and industry in North America. Although interstate oil pipelines transport more than 14 billion barrels of petroleum each year, major releases from these pipelines are rare. Nevertheless, pipeline companies work hard to protect the public by preparing for possible incidents involving their pipelines and related facilities. With the support of the leadership of major North American pipeline companies, the API/AOPL ERT has launched several initiatives to better align the shared objectives of emergency response organizations, government and pipeline operators to promote a timely and effective response to a significant pipeline incident.

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A Vital Partnership for Effective Response to Pipeline Emergencies (2015)

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