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API MPMS Standards on Gasoline-ethanol Blends

For more than 15 years, from blending to shipping, API has developed technical references for manufacturers, refiners and retailers of fuel-grade ethanol and gasoline blends, to promote consistency and quality of the product.  An underlying goal of all API standards development is to enhance the safety of industry operations by assuring quality, consistency, interoperability and reliability across the globe.  In this ongoing effort for safety and sustainability API has now published 4 advanced standards on gasoline-ethanol blends, and these new and updated standards are an example of this important work. The four standards are:

  • API MPMS Chapter 11.3.4, Miscellaneous Hydrocarbon Product Properties—Denatured Ethanol and Gasoline Component Blend Densities and Volume Correction Factors, 1st Edition, May 16th
  • API MPMS Chapter 11.3.3, Miscellaneous Hydrocarbon Product Properties—Denatured Ethanol Density and Volume Correction Factors, 3rd Edition, May 16th
  • API Technical Report 2580, Documentation Report and Data Files for API MPMS Chapter 11.3.3 and API MPMS Chapter 11.3.4, 1st Edition, May 16th
  • Addendum 2 for API MPMS Chapter 11.1, Temperature and Pressure Volume Correction Factors for Generalized Crude Oils, Refined Products, and Lubricating Oils, May 16th 

Additional information on these standards can be found at:

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