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API 19B Perforator Witness & Registered Design Program

API 19B Recommended Practice for Evaluation of Well Perforators describes standard procedures for evaluating the performance of perforating equipment so that representations of this performance may be made to the industry under a standard practice. The purpose is to specify the materials and methods used to objectively evaluate the performance of perforating systems.

In conjunction with RP 19B, API offers a Perforator Witness and Registered Design Program. Through this one-of-a-kind program, API provides objective and experienced witnesses to observe and verify critical industry tests under API 19B Section 1 - Evaluation of Perforating Systems under Surface Conditions, Concrete Targets.

By participating in this program, perforator manufacturers may choose to post the test rests of their perforator designs to the API Composite List, providing public evidence of test data in an impartial medium.

19B Application Process

To apply for the program, please fill out the API 19B Perforator Witness & Registered Design Application, and email to

Companies applying for the program for the first time should allow at least 60 days between submitting the new application and the desired date of your initial witness visit. Companies that have already registered with the API Perforator Program should allow 45 days between the submission of the application and the desired date of the test.

After applications have been reviewed, a qualified API representative will be assigned to witness the perforator test.

After the test, the witness report and data sheet(s) will be provided to API by the Witness. Manufacturers then have 30 days to request that the Data Sheets be posted to the API Composite list as a Registered Design.

For more information, please email

API Advisories

API Advisories apply to API Monogram Licensees, APIQR Registered Organizations, organizations requesting a 19B Perforator Witness and organizations with API 19B Registered Designs.
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API RP 19B Perforator Program Updates