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API Safety and Environmental Award Program

Awards Program Information

API is pleased to announce and distribute the 2022 API Distinguished Pipeline Safety Awards. API strives to identify an exemplary level of both occupational and operational safety in our Distinguished Pipeline Safety Awards, recognizing our operators’ performance in the pipeline industry. Three Distinguished Pipeline Safety Awards will be awarded for 2022 based on company size (work-hours). Recipients are chosen by a Selection Team represented by members of the API’s Environment Health and Safety Group and other policy committees. It is the Selection Team’s responsibility to carefully examine the performance, management, and culture utilizing the specific screening and selection criteria. Selection will not be based on statistical measurement alone but will also be determined by the organization’s written application which will include pertinent information relative to the organization’s implementation of RP 1173 and participation and sharing among the industry. The Award Application Materials include:

2023 API Pipeline Award

2023 API Pipeline Award - Application and Guidance

2024 API Pipeline Award - Guidance Appendix

API PSRE Collection Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions - API Pipeline Award Program

Occupational Injuries and Illness Information

Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities Survey Information

Survey of Petroleum Industry Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities Guidelines and Definitions

Pipeline Strategic Data Tracking System (PSDTS) Information

PSDTS Overview

PSDTS Platform and 2019 Data

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