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The Pipeline Strategic Data Tracking System, PSDTS, Is A Key Component Of The Oil Pipeline Industry's Environmental And Safety Initiative, A Multi-Discipline Approach To Understanding And Improving Industry Performance.

PSDTS was distributed widely in the oil pipeline industry at the program's inception in 2019, without regard to whether an operator was or is a member of API or the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL). PSDTS is a more streamlined program that will reduce duplication in data submission. PSDTS will provide API with the ability and flexibility to collect the necessary data that support the API-AOPL Pipeline Safety Excellence Strategic Plan goals. There are currently more than 40 operators participating, representing about 70 percent of the oil pipeline mileage in the United States. Participants report on unregulated crude gathering lines as well as all pipeline systems and facilities under the regulatory oversight of the U.S. Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

Participants in PSDTS report spills of 5 gallons or more plus any spills to water, and anything that makes the release reportable to PHMSA on a PHMSA 7000-1: 5 gallons or more, or incidents involving a death, injury, fire or explosion, PSDTS collects data on the conditions at the time of the release, the effectiveness of the leak detection systems and tool inspections, a detailed set of causes and causative factors, public safety impacts, and environmental impacts and remediation.

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