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API Monogram & APIQR: Payments

Audit Costs

Applicants and program participants are responsible for all audit costs. First-time applicants, currently certified organizations applying for registration or licensing at new locations, and organizations returning to the program must pay their audit costs before their initial or Stage 1 audit is scheduled. Organizations currently licensed or registered by the program are invoiced after audit completion for the actual cost of their audits and a program service fee. API issues the invoice to the organization after the auditor provides API with all auditor-incurred expenses associated with the audit. These invoices are carefully reviewed, and the process can take up to 90 days after the audit has ended.

Organizations should note that audit costs vary for a variety of reasons: for example, audit length, organization location and size, auditor travel requirements, and the need for translators often contribute to increased audit costs. The program works diligently to limit these costs by assigning local auditors, but at times auditors must travel to meet audit needs

API Payment Information

Payment terms of note are provided below. Others are included in the Monogram and APIQR program requirements documents.

  2. All fees payable to API shall be in U.S. Dollars.
  3. The applicant or participating organization shall be liable for any and all taxes and banking and service fees, including all applicable withholding taxes.
  4. API's invoice number should be included with the payment to ensure proper traceability.
  5. Payment instructions provided on the API invoice shall be followed.

Send correspondence about your payment to:

Additional Questions? Please fill out the API Monogram and APIQR Contact Form.

Commonly Requested Financial Forms

Commonly requested financial forms are listed below:

Form 6166 Generic 2024

Form 6166 Greece 2024

Form 6166 Portugal 2024

Form 6166 Spain 2024

Form 6166 Application for 2024

2024 DGT Form

2024 No PE Form

Advisory 10 Invoices and Payment Terms for Monogram & APIQR Invoices December 2023

API W9-Signed

Basic Business License

Certificate of Incorporation

Form No. 10F Online e-Filing

Trade License

Thank you for Subscribing Unable to Process Request x