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API Monogram & APIQR: Contact

Sales and Applications

For future and current clients interested in adding API certification programs to their portfolio including Monogram, API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001.

Worldwide Representatives

For information about API programs and services, we welcome you to contact our local offices or contracted representatives in the countries or regions included on the linked page.  API operates from offices in Washington DC, Houston, Beijing, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro.

General Program Information

For general program information about Monogram and API Quality Registrar, and current clients who have questions about their licenses, certifications, audit report reviews, and myCerts facility information.

Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and earthquakes, or other devastating situations, such as threats of terrorism, malicious computer hacking, or geopolitical tension could potentially affect an organization's ability to function as normal. Please fill out the API Monogram/APIQR Contact Form if your organization is affected by a disaster that may have operational impacts on your business.


For current clients who have questions about their upcoming, scheduled, or future audits.


For customers who have questions about an API invoice for their application, audit or annual fees.

Disputing the Validity of an Individual Nonconformity

If a client wishes to dispute the validity of an individual nonconformity before API makes a certification decision, the client should dispute the nonconformity when submitting their corrective actions using the API's myCerts website. The client should provide an explanation of why the nonconformity is not valid along with evidence to support their conformance to the applicable requirement(s).

Appealing Licensing & Certification Decisions

Appeals concerning API licensing and certification decisions must be signed and submitted in writing to:

Director, Monogram Program/APIQR
American Petroleum Institute
200 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Suite 1100

Washington, DC 20001-5571

Additionally, appeals shall be attached and sent to API using the API Monogram/APIQR Contact Form.

All appeals must be submitted within 30 days of the certification decision date and include all the following:

  • An explanation of the issue in dispute
  • The specific reason why the client believes the decision was in error, with evidence to support the client's claim
  • The specific outcome the client is seeking

Clients should provide specific factual evidence to support their appeal.  This evidence should indicate why API’s decision was in error or otherwise went against the intent of the API specifications and standards and/or the other program requirements.  

Providing a root cause and reasons why an organization’s Quality Management System was not maintained and /or why the client’s organization failed to meet program requirements is not grounds for an appeal.

Clients must pay a $1000 US Dollar filing fee. Clients will be invoiced for this amount when the appeals letter is received. The fee is non-refundable unless API reverses its original determination or decision as a result of the appeal review process.

Following its procedure for appeals, for those appeals which API determines to merit independent review, API will convene an independent Appeals Board to review the appeal and give all parties involved the opportunity to be heard. The decision of the Appeals Board will be communicated in writing to API and to the appellant.

Appealing an Auditor Assignment

Facilities that wish to appeal an auditor assignment must complete the Auditor Assignment Appeal form and submit it to API using the API Monogram/APIQR Contact Form. Clients should provide specific evidence demonstrating a conflict of interest or unethical behavior. Once the appeal is received, API management will investigate the claims and make a final determination. If the appeal is granted, API will assign a replacement auditor to conduct the audit.

Customer Feedback /Complaints

API appreciates customer feedback, including complaints. We consider complaints as one way to improve our processes. Complaints against API or its clients may be transmitted using the API Monogram/APIQR Contact Form, or to any API employee by letter, email, fax, phone or in person. API personnel will attempt to resolve the issue upon receipt. If the complaint requires further investigation, API will initiate its corrective action process to address the complaint.

Nonconformance Reporting (NCR)

When purchasers and users find API licensed or certified suppliers not in conformity with the applicable product or management system standards, API wants to know. The Nonconformance Reporting website is designed to allow purchasers to report; 1) suppliers of nonconforming product and services; and / or 2) suppliers that are failing to meet quality management system or other program requirements.

Specifications Inquiries

Visit the RFI website to submit your request.

The American Petroleum Institute Guidelines for Requests for Interpretation

API has posted some commonly asked interpretations based on industry segment. Please use the links below to see if your request is identified on the site.

Please read the guidelines for submission on the next tab prior to submitting your request for interpretation. If you are ready to submit your interpretation request, please visit the RFI website

All requests for interpretation should:

  • Identify a specific API Document (Specification, Standard, Recommended Practice, etc)
    (Note: API only provides interpretations on API normative requirements. API does not provide interpretations on informative language or on any requirements in a referenced document within the API document)
  • Identify the Edition of the API Document
  • Identify the Clause, Table, Figure or Annex that is the basis for the request for interpretation
  • Be limited to a single subject or closely related subjects
  • Be stated as briefly and precisely as possible (Note: background or justification may be provided along with the question but interpretations will not comment on such information provided.)
  • Be in the form of a “yes” or “no” question *
  • Be technically and editorially correct
  • Be related to the current edition of the document in question (Note: API will not issue interpretations on superseded or withdrawn documents)

The answer to a question about the factual content of a document is not an interpretation, nor are interpretations intended to solicit engineering information on the use or application of any API document.

If it is determined that the query is a valid request for an interpretation, you will be advised accordingly by email. In the event that the request does not meet the requisite criteria, you will be advised as well.

Due to the nature of interpretation requests and the time required for technical and legal review, API cannot guarantee a turnaround time for responding to these requests. Due to required committee review responses to requests for interpretation can take up to 12 months.

Please be sure to check the API website for completed interpretations.

In some cases, similar questions have been previously submitted and the responses may be useful. Please visit when you are ready to submit your Request for Interpretation.

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