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API Monogram Program & APIQR

Reminder: Monogram and API Q1 applicants will be audited to API Q1 10th edition for all audits conducted beginning March 1, 2024. See Monogram/APIQR’s transition plan for API Q1 10th edition here.

Join the industry’s best and show the world what you have to offer. More than 4,200 businesses in 75 countries - from small entrepreneurial firms to large multinational corporations - are authorized to use the API Monogram and APIQR marks. These companies, and the products they manufacture, meet industry-written standards and globally-accepted management system specifications. Find out who they are by visiting the API Composite List

More information regarding the API Monogram Program and APIQR Program

API Q1 vs API Q2-Which specification is best for me?


Monogram Program

API Monogram is a voluntary licensing program that facilitates the consistent manufacturing of product that conforms to applicable API Specifications. Licensed manufacturers are given the authority to apply the API Monogram registered mark to equipment that meets the requirements.

Licensees demonstrate that they have a quality management system that is compliant with API Spec Q1 - an industry-leading quality management standard. API Spec Q1 meets most of the ISO 9001 requirements, in addition to requirements that are geared specifically for the oil and natural gas industry.

Program Requirements

Although the information on these webpages provides key elements from the API Monogram Licensing Program Requirements the requirements document is your principal resource for what is required from API Monogram Licensees, as well as what you can expect from API. It is your guide to:

Part 1 – General Requirements:
Find out how API conducts API Monogram licensing and what is expected of both API and the applicant. Also, find out how to obtain a complete list of the API Monogram Program Product Specifications available for licensing.

Part 2 – Use and Misuse of the API Monogram:
A description of how the mark is to be used.

Part 3 – Licensing Process:
A step-by-step guide on how to become a licensed facility.

Part 4 – License Agreement:
Detailed information on the rules governing the API Monogram Licensing Program.

Part 5 – Fee Schedule:
The types of fees, the costs involved, and how to submit payment.

Eligibility Criteria

The API Monogram Program is designed to identify organizations that have demonstrated the ability to manufacture new equipment that conforms to API product specifications. Even though subcontracting is permitted, API may perform additional audits (at the organization’s expense) of any primary subcontractors to ensure their compliance with applicable specifications or requirements. API may refuse initial licensing or suspend current licensing based on a facility’s level of manufacturing capability.

Prior to applying for an API Monogram License, you must first:

  • Have a quality management system that has been operational for at least four (4) months and is compliant with API Spec Q1.
  • Describe the quality management system in a quality manual. The quality manual must recognize each requirement of API Spec Q1.
  • Maintain the technical capability to manufacture products compliant with the applicable API product specification.
  • Perform a documented internal audit according to the requirements of API Spec Q1.
  • Perform a documented management review according to the requirements of API Spec Q1.

QMS Exclusions

API Spec Q1 limits the sections of the standard that are applicable for exclusion (refer to the API Q1 Specification). For eligibility of these exclusions, the Applicant or Licensed Organization shall provide a written justification for the exclusion(s) and identify the exclusion(s) in the Quality Manual.

Design Packages

The Organization must develop and maintain a Design Package(s) to demonstrate compliance with design and development requirements. The API Monogram Licensing Program requires the selection of a design package for review during an audit. To determine what qualifies as a design package, please follow these guidelines:
  • Design: a detailed plan for a product(s).
  • Package: a collection of related items to be considered as or acted on together.

The Design Package therefore is a detailed plan for a product(s) which includes all the background documents, applicable API standards, and the instructions, procedures, specifications, drawings, routers, travelers, checklists, process sheets and changes to these documents necessary to produce the product(s) at the manufacturing location. Such documentation shall include, but not be limited to, design plans, input elements, output elements, evidence of review/verification and evidence of validation.

Since the purpose of the API Monogram Program is to consistently, objectively, and reliably identify organizations who are capable of producing products that comply with API specifications, the organization shall have a complete design package, as well as procedures that provide instructions and requirements on how to develop a design, unless eligible for design exclusion. Refer to API Advisory 6 - Design and Development Exclusion

Product Specifications - Rights & Usage

The applicant is required to maintain at least one copy of the official, current edition of the English language version of the API Spec Q1 and API Product Specification(s) under which it is seeking licensure. The product specification(s) must be the version of the document that is published by API, distributed by API or an authorized distributor. Translating API publications without express written prior permission from API is a copyright violation. If a translated version is not available through an authorized redistributor, contact API using the API Monogram/APIQR Contact Form. API will take the necessary actions to have the document translated.

Technical requirements identified in the current English language version of the document shall be the only acceptable manufacturing criteria to be used by the applicant.

Advisory #9: Recognition and Authority of Published Standards

Intellectual Property Rights and Usage Policy

Purchase API Standards & Software

The API Monogram Mark

The API Monogram is an API registered certification mark. Through the API Monogram Program, licensed manufacturers are given the authority to apply the mark to equipment that meets API product specification requirements and has been manufactured within a quality management system that meets API Spec Q1.

Licensee agrees that use of the API Monogram on the products shall constitute a representation and warranty by Licensee to API and to the purchasers of the Licensee’s products that the products conform to the applicable standards, specifications and requirements of API.

The API Monogram Mark is a protected trademark that is authorized for use by API through legally enforceable program requirements via contract agreements with the Licensees. The mark can only be applied to new conforming product that is manufactured by the licensed organization at the licensed facility.

Important Resources

API Monogram Licensing Program Requirements
API Monogram Program Alternative Marking of Products License Agreement

API Quality Registrar Program (APIQR)

The API Quality Registrar program can register your organization’s Management System (MS) to all of the following specifications.

API Spec Q1 - Quality Management for Manufacturing Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry

API Spec Q1 is a quality management standard for product manufacturers and is specifically geared toward the nuances of the oil and gas industry. API Spec Q1 meets many of the ISO 9001 requirements, plus additional elements deemed valuable by the oil and natural gas industry.

Registered API Spec Q1 companies demonstrate to their customers that they have the ability to consistently provide reliable products and manufacturing-related processes that meet customer and legal requirements.

API Spec Q2 - Quality Management for Service Supply Organizations for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

API Spec Q2 is the first international quality management system (QMS) standard for service exploration and production service providers servicing the oil and gas industry. The industry-written specification applies to critical activities such as well construction, intervention, production, abandonment, well servicing, equipment repair and maintenance, and inspection activities.

Compliant registered organizations will have a QMS that controls all operational processes, provides consistent results, manages change effectively, continually improves, reduces operational downtime, and increases customer satisfaction.

API 18LCM - Product Life Cycle Management System Requirements for the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

The API Standard 18LCM defines the requirements of a management system for organizations performing life cycle management of products used in the petroleum and natural gas industry. It identifies requirements for service providers of life cycle management and categorizes products based on the availability of or access to records, traceability, usage, repair, and maintenance.

Apply for 18LCM if your organization performs life cycle management services for equipment used in upstream activities (exploration and production). Your organization will be recognized as being committed to managing equipment within a conforming life cycle management system that meets a leading industry standard.

ISO 9001 – Quality Management

Global demands and an increasingly competitive business environment in the oil and natural gas industry have created new measures by which organizations must demonstrate their abilities. That’s where the APIQR can help. APIQR can register your company to ISO 9001.

All Organizations that have achieved API Spec Q1 Registration may receive ISO 9001 registration for free once they demonstrate conformance to all applicable requirements.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

APIQR offers registration to ISO 14001, the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. Accredited by ANAB, APIQR plays an important role in helping you reduce your environmental impact as well as meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility. ISO 14001 can be integrated with ISO 9001 to improve efficiencies and reduce cost.

Multi-Site Registration

Multi-site registration is available for API Q1, API Q2, and ISO 9001 registered organizations who have implemented a common Management System in two or more locations. Upon successful completion of the certification process, multi-site organizations will have all relevant locations identified on the certificate(s).

APIQR will conduct an annual on-site audit for each site included in the multi-site registration. Application and annual fees apply. Additional requirements for multi-site organizations are identified in the APIQR Multi-Site Organization Questionnaire.

If you are interested in multi-site registration, please complete the APIQR Multi-Site Organization Questionnaire and attach to the API Monogram/APIQR Contact Form.

Use of APIQR & ANAB Registration Marks

Upon registration, and as long as the registered Organization continues to operate in conformance to its registered management system, the registered Organization is entitled to use the APIQR and ANAB Marks and/or the API Spec Q1 Registration Mark. Camera-ready artwork of the Mark in various sizes is available to Registered Organizations.

The ANAB Mark may only be used by organizations with accredited ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 registration(s).

Read the entire policy: APIQR Registration Program Requirements.

APIQR Accreditation

The American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar (APIQR) is accredited by ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. APIQR is responsible to ensure that the functioning of the registrar continuously meets ANAB Criteria for Accreditation and other ANAB documented requirements, and that it complies with all of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 program requirements.

Important Resources

APIQR Registration Program Requirements 

API Monogram / APIQR Ethics And Impartiality

API is committed to maintaining the highest level of confidence in its certification activities (Management System Registrations and Monogram Licensing) by providing impartial and objective assessments of its client’s management systems. This commitment is supported by processes that manage conflicts of interest, ensure personnel competence, maintain confidentiality of information while promoting openness, and enable communication with all stakeholders.

Provided here are copies of the Code of Conduct documents and Impartiality Statement, as well as ways of contacting API concerning violations or complaints.

Advisory #7: Code of Conduct for API Monogram Licensees, API Certified Organizations and Program Applicants
Chinese 中文 | Spanish | Portuguese

API Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct Poster
Chinese 中文 | Spanish | Portuguese

Monogram/APIQR Impartiality Policy

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