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Standards Requests for Interpretation

The American Petroleum Institute Guidelines for Requests for Interpretation

API has posted some commonly asked interpretations based on industry segment. Please use the links below to see if your request is identified on the site.

Please read the guidelines for submission on the next tab prior to submitting your request for interpretation. If you are ready to submit your interpretation request, please visit the RFI website

All requests for interpretation should:

  • Identify a specific API Document (Specification, Standard, Recommended Practice, etc)
    (Note: API only provides interpretations on API normative requirements. API does not provide interpretations on informative language or on any requirements in a referenced document within the API document)
  • Identify the Edition of the API Document
  • Identify the Clause, Table, Figure or Annex that is the basis for the request for interpretation
  • Be limited to a single subject or closely related subjects
  • Be stated as briefly and precisely as possible (Note: background or justification may be provided along with the question but interpretations will not comment on such information provided.)
  • Be in the form of a “yes” or “no” question *
  • Be technically and editorially correct
  • Be related to the current edition of the document in question (Note: API will not issue interpretations on superseded or withdrawn documents)

The answer to a question about the factual content of a document is not an interpretation, nor are interpretations intended to solicit engineering information on the use or application of any API document.

If it is determined that the query is a valid request for an interpretation, you will be advised accordingly by email. In the event that the request does not meet the requisite criteria, you will be advised as well.

Due to the nature of the requests for interpretation and the time required for technical and legal review, API cannot guarantee a turnaround time for responding to these requests. Note that API responses to requests for interpretation may take up to 12 months.

Please be sure to check the API website for completed interpretations.

In some cases, similar questions have been previously submitted and the responses may be useful. Please visit when you are ready to submit your Request for Interpretation.

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