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Information Technology

API's Electronic Business & Information Management and Technology Committees support a wide range of activities in the areas of electronic business, telecommunications, information technology security, data privacy, and information technology applications for the oil and natural gas industry. They support advocacy efforts and standards development in these areas and serve as a conduit between industry technologists and operations personnel. Committees in this area include:

Information Management and Technology Committee (IMTC)

The IMTC serves as a forum for the oil and natural gas industry to address issues in systems technology, including computers, telecommunications, and electronic commerce. The IMTC addresses key issues including risk management, network security, critical infrastructure protection, information privacy, technological change, and knowledge management. The IMTC periodically conducts various studies and projects designed to investigate technological innovations, undertake benchmarking studies of interest to the industry, or establish inter or intra-industry groups to promote developments of interest. For more information:

Contact: Suzanne Lemieux

The IMTC committee oversees the activities the following Subcommittees:

Cyber Security Subcommittee (CSS)

The API CSS provides an opportunity for members to proactively work together to address areas of common interest to the oil and natural gas industry and to demonstrate that the industry is taking prudent steps to protect our cyber infrastructure. Cyber security is an increasingly important consideration in the protection of the nation's critical infrastructure. The CSS objectives for the oil and natural gas industry are to protect intellectual property, information technology, and industrial control systems (ICS) – also referred to as operational technology (OT).

Contact: Chris Boness

Telecommunications Subcommittee (TSC)

The API TSC supports the development of effective telecommunication technologies for the oil and natural gas industry. TSC also provides education and guidance on the impacts of legislation or regulation on the industry’s enterprise telecommunications services.

Contact: Chris Boness

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