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ICP Applications

Apply On the ICP Portal

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Apply for Certification

  1. Prior to applying for API certification, ensure that you qualify to take the exam by reviewing the requirements for your chosen program. Go to Step 1: Certifications.
  2. If you qualify, your next steps are to create an account and submit an application on the ICP Portal.
    • For instructions on how to create an account, please review ICP's login guidelines
    • Please review the program specific ICP User Guides below for instructions on filling out the online application. Stay tuned for guidelines of the other ICP certification programs to be posted soon. 
  3. Be prepared to provide contact information for each employer listed who can verify your employment dates, skills and experience.
    • It is only necessary to provide employer information for the years of experience required for qualification.
  4. Be prepared to upload pertinent documentation, such as educational diplomas, transcripts, certifications or bank documentation for electronic transfer/wire payments.
    • All diplomas and transcripts need to be officially translated into English.
    • See API's Payment Policy for information about paying by check or electronic transfer.
  5. Changes and additions cannot be made to the Employment History section of an application after it has been submitted. 
    • The minimum experience necessary MUST be documented on the application upon submission. Read the Qualification Requirements for your program.
    • Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements or do not contain all the necessary information will be marked as unqualified. Unqualified candidates are not eligible for a refund of their application fee. Please review the Refund Policy for more information.
  6. Applications are processed based on the most up-coming exam and then on the order that they are received. The processing of your application may take up to six weeks, so for the best selection of exam dates and locations, do not delay in submitting your application.
  7. If you qualify to take the exam, but your application is incomplete, you will receive a deficiency email specifying the information needed to proceed. Your application must be fully complete before you can be certified - even if you pass the exam.

Go to: Step 3: Schedule Exams

Reschedule/Retest Applications

API gives each candidate 12 consecutive months to pass an exam.  This 12-month period begins with the first scheduled exam date. You may need to submit a Reschedule Application if any of the events listed below occur within the 12-month period. Reschedule/Retest fees apply.

  • if you fail to schedule your computer-based exam on the Prometric website 
  • if you do not pass the examination
  • if you do not show up for the examination
  • if you schedule your exam appointment with Prometric and then want to change to a new testing window

To submit a Reschedule application, log into your account in the ICP Portal and select the red Reschedule link to the right of your previous application on the Account page.

Find details and study materials in the Certifications section.

Recertification Applications

  1. The certification term for all ICP programs is three years.
  2. Some programs require proof of current qualified employment history, as well as a web quiz. View specific recertification requirements under Certifications.
  3. To recertify, log into your account in the ICP Portal and select the red Recertify link next to your certification program name. This link is visible 90 days prior to and 90 days after your certification expiration date. A late fee will be charged on applications submitted after the certification expiration date. Your certification will remain valid during the 90-day extended grace period. 
  4. If an application is not submitted by the end of the 90-day grace period, your certification will expire. A new application will be required, and you will need to pass the full examination in order to be recertified.
    • Circumstances such as heavy work schedule, or work in other countries and remote areas do not relieve the inspector/examiner of the responsibility to file a timely renewal application.
  5. When paying by check or electronic transfer wire, please see the Policies page.
  6. If your application is incomplete, you will receive an email specifying the information needed to proceed. You must resolve all deficiencies in order to be recertified.
  7. API will mail a paper certificate and wallet card within two weeks of recertification.

API 510, 570, 653 and 936 inspectors/personnel need to take an online quiz ever six years. Learn more about the Web Quiz for your particular certification: 510, 570, 653, 936