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Todd Snitchler

Todd Snitchler

Todd A. Snitchler

Todd Snitchler is the vice president of Market Development at API. This department works with industry, government, and customer stakeholders to promote increased demand for and continued availability of our nation’s abundant and clean natural gas resources.

Prior to joining API, Mr. Snitchler was a principal for Vorys Advisors, LLC in Ohio where he led the government affairs efforts in the energy and utility space. He organized the firm’s first-ever sponsored educational seminar for policy makers and industry representatives and established strong relationships in Ohio and nationally with competitive suppliers and independent power producers.

Mr. Snitchler previously served as chairman of both the Public Utilities Commission and the Power Siting Board of Ohio, and was elected twice to represent the 50th House District in Stark County.

Mr. Snitchler has published on numerous topics including environmental regulations and cyber issues; electricity deregulation difficulties; and the role of the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Mr. Snitchler received his J.D. from the University of Akron School of Law and his B.A. from Grove City College.


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