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Opportunities Abound in the Natural Gas and Oil Industry

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Jessica  Lutz

Jessica Lutz
Posted July 16, 2018

The numbers are in – the natural gas and oil industry leads all other sectors in compensation for U.S. workers, according to an analysis by Bloomberg. As an industry, we take pride in providing well-paying careers and opportunities for individuals and families, offering support for communities and driving local and national economies. So we’ll gladly accept Bloomberg’s verdict: “the best bet for U.S. workers.”

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The Facts are Clear: Energy Means Jobs

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted December 6, 2013

Say Anything Blog’s Rob Port has a suggestion for workers in different parts of the country who are dissatisfied with how much they’re earning in their present jobs: Come to North Dakota.

As Port and economics/energy blogger Mark J. Perry point out, North Dakota’s thriving economy, driven largely by surging oil and natural gas development (thanks, fracking!), is producing outrageously low unemployment – and rigorous competition for workers. You don’t have to be Milton Friedman to recognize that economic growth + worker demand = growing wages.

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Energy Pay Growth and the Regulatory Policies that Fostered It

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Mark Green

Mark Green
Posted October 15, 2012

A report by notes data showing that pay increases in the oil and natural gas industry have played a large part in the largest jump in U.S. wages in five years

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