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U.S. Oil and Gas Infrastructure Investment Through 2035

An Engine for Economic Growth

ICF Authors

Kevin Petak, Harry Vidas, Julio Manik, Srirama Palagummi, Anthony Ciatto, and Andrew Griffith

About ICF

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Executive Summary

During the past five years, U.S. oil and gas infrastructure development proceeded at a rapid pace, and many have wondered whether the trend can continue. In that light, API contracted ICF to undertake a study that investigates the amount of oil and gas infrastructure development possible in the U.S. through 2035. This report summarizes results of the study.

The report focuses on the amount of infrastructure needed for two different scenarios, a Base Case and a High Case, each of which are plausible depictions of future market conditions. While the Base Case represents a most likely scenario, the High Case is put forward to assess infrastructure development in a more robust environment that is fostered by a larger hydrocarbon resource base and more rapid advancements in E&P technology. The study assesses capital expenditures associated with and the resulting economic consequences of oil and gas infrastructure development.


U.S. Oil and Gas Infrastructure Investment Through 2035

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