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The Environmental Partnership Annual Report 2019

Thanks in large part to significant investments in production and innovation in natural gas and oil, and industry initiatives like The Environmental Partnership, natural gas is enabling the U.S. to reduce emissions while simultaneously realizing economic growth. The Environmental Partnership’s Annual Report was released on July 30 and details the remarkable environmental progress the Partnership has made using a unique model of substantive information sharing and collaboration on technologies and techniques to reduce methane emissions. It’s a model that could be applied to meet other challenges in the future.

That the Partnership is voluntary underscores what is going on in its workshops – women and men of industry committed to constant improvement in operations. As The Environmental Partnership works in its second year, we will continue this momentum.

For a growing number of companies, nearly 70 participants to date with operations in the largest producing onshore basins, The Partnership plays a key role in industry’s leadership in meeting innovation, efficiency, operational, sustainability and environmental challenges head-on.


The Environmental Partnership: Annual Report 2019, 4-Pager

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The Environmental Partnership: Annual Report 2019 (Full Report)

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